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Food Additives and Packaging Essentials

Today, the food industry consumes a large amount of food additives and packaging every day. Thereby, we confirm the importance of these two types of factors. So what are additives? What is food packaging? And what should we know about them? The answer will be in the answer right below.

What are food additives and packaging?

Additives are substances that are added to food (food, drink) by humans in order to prolong the shelf life, prevent food from spoiling, and at the same time, to improve the taste, not to spoil the food. change their quality as well as their appearance. Sometimes people also use additives to serve some personal purpose such as wanting the product to have a beautiful appearance to attract more buyers.
Food packaging is the type of packaging that is allowed to be used to contain foods with the desire to preserve the freshness of food and help them stay away from bad agents in the normal environment.

What you should know about food additives and packaging

Food Additives

Food additives, if used in the right dosage, will bring good benefits: Keeping quality until they are used, creating a variety of products to suit the preferences and tastes of customers.. .However, overusing additives can have the opposite effect and directly affect the health of consumers: acute poisoning, chronic poisoning, the risk of tumor formation. , cancer, genetic mutations, …

Bao bì thực phẩm chất lượng
Quality food packaging
Typical additives used are:
-Acids, acidity regulators
– Anti-caking, anti-foaming agent
-Quality creates quality
– Food coloring agent, color retention
– Flavoring agent, flavor enhancer
– Cereal flour treatment agent
– Humectant

Food packaging

Food packaging is an extremely convenient product in the 4.0 technology era. Some of the benefits they bring include the following:
Food packaging is used to contain, preserve and protect food during circulation and transportation.
– Food packaging has the function of identification (information): the information on the package allows customers to know the information they want to learn such as product name, function, usage, …
-The packaging provides a commercial function.
In summary, it can be affirmed that additives and food packaging are two products that people cannot ignore. The correct use, the right amount of additives and food packaging will bring enormous benefits and vice versa for the health of yourself and your family. So finding out early is essential right now for you.


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