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Learn About Food Packaging Functions

In the olden days, packaging only performed one main function, which was to preserve and pack products. Today, just meeting that requirement is not enough. Today’s food packaging in addition to that use must also ensure many other functions. Let’s learn some functions of food packaging with Hung Phat plastic packaging.

Functions to contain, preserve and protect goods

Again and again, this is the basic and most important function of food packaging. Most manufactured products must have containers to carry out the circulation from one place to another so that the quality of the product inside must still be ensured. Packaging is a letter that preserves the use value of the product, that is, protects the goods against external influences.
Food packaging protects the goods inside from loss, loss in quantity and quality during storage, distribution and circulation.

Information recognition function

On today’s packaging, most require to clearly state the product’s information such as product name, ingredients, production date, expiry date, … These are all basic information that Customers when buying are based on this to decide to choose. The information on the outside of food packaging is a quick way to identify customers, helping customers get the necessary information of the product inside. Just imagine an outer packaging without any information, would anyone dare to buy it? No. of course. Their customers need products with full origin of the product.

Chức năng của bao bì
The function of packaging

Commercial function

Food packaging after performing the function of preserving, containing and identifying information, another important function that they perform is the commercial function. This is a very effective marketing method that is fast – neat – and cost-effective. This function is reflected in the way businesses attract customers with unique and creative design ideas in terms of images as well as external colors of the packaging. The complete information plus beautiful and realistic product images will create a certain attraction for customers.
Above are 3 basic and important functions that a food packaging should have to stimulate customer purchase. For more useful information about packaging products, you can visit the following link:


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