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Producing PP Packaging Is Harder Than Other Packaging

PP packaging is an item that customers are searching for and choosing to use, so many businesses are interested in producing pp packaging with materials and methods, in order to collect enough information. Then choose the right packaging for your product.

PP packaging production process

Producing pp packaging includes the following important stages:

  • Step 1: Spin the pp plastic packaging by putting pp primary plastic particles with other additives with certain ingredients, then put into the hopper of the spinning machine with suitable hot temperature and then brought to the machine. rolled into pp yarn.
  • Step 2: Woven pp plastic packaging fabric. From the newly created pp yarns, it will be put through a loom system with 6 weaving shuttles, the weft and warp knitted threads will be rolled into pp fabric rolls.
  • Step 3: Coated PE on pp fabric. The pp fabric roll will be put through the film coating machine to coat the pp layer with the standard specified by each enterprise /m2
  • Step 4: Printing pp plastic packaging. The PE coated fabric roll is put through the printer, printed according to the commonly used technology of flexo according to the design table agreed by the customer, and through a printing mold which is usually made of polymer or rubber material.
  • Step 5: Cut and shape. Roll the printed pp fabric through the hip folding system and then cut the finished product according to the previously agreed size of the customer
  • Step 6: Sew the pp packaging and the finished PE bag. The packaging that has just been cut and shaped will be sewn in the form of folding the bottom end, the other end for customers to pack the product. Depending on the needs of the customer and the preservation nature of the product, PE bags can be combined to help keep the moisture of the product inside.
  • Step 7: Check and pack
Quy trình sản xuất bao bì
Packaging production process

Producing PP bags is more difficult than other packages

In fact, each packaging production process has its own separate stages. PP packaging is a packaging product that many customers choose to trust because of its durability, toughness and ease of use. Therefore, the production of pp packaging is not as difficult as going through the 7 stages mentioned above, which is also considered quite simple. Because it only takes a lot of imported modern machinery, lines and qualified staff to use modern and new equipment to produce quality pp packaging for customers to trust.

Hung Phat produces PP packaging according to international standard processes

Hung Phat Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing pp plastic packaging, which is chosen by many partners and customers with quality and beautiful design according to international standards because Hung Phat possesses the following factors:

    • Machinery and equipment are all imported from Thailand and Korea
    • Equipped with a set of closed imported and modern production lines
    • There are 50 high-tech weaving machines, 2 dumpling lines, multi-layer film lamination, gravure printing machine…
    • The staff has accumulated long-term experience, high expertise, enthusiasm and hard work…
    • Always comply with the contract with a professional working attitude, highly appreciated by customers for on-time delivery

Hung Phat is a company specializing in printing plastic packaging, operating mainly in the South and distributing to all over the country, so customers wherever they contact the company are also willing to serve customers the best they can.


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