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The Benefits Of PP Plastic Packaging For Human Life

PP plastic packaging products are no longer strange to us on the market today, we can often see many products with pp plastic packaging. So pp plastic packaging is a commodity that is considered “hot” for businesses that manufacture products that need to print packaging at the moment.

Benefits of PP plastic bags

When businesses choose pp plastic packaging as packaging for their products, businesses will bring many significant benefits such as:

  • TGood for business branding: if your product name is printed on pp plastic bags and then sold on the market, you will be able to easily print your company’s logo and product information. Especially easy to print diverse designs, less picky
  • Durable with the weather: PP plastic packaging is known to be very durable and tough. They are resistant to harmful chemicals because they do not tear, so they are resistant to rainy weather, helping to protect the product from water.
  • Less power consumption: research shows that when producing pp packaging, 40% less energy is saved and 70% less solid waste than paper packaging
    Saving time and space: because of its light weight, the packaging and opening of pp plastic bags are always faster than other packaging materials. According to observations on the stalls selling products with pp packaging, they always occupy a more compact and super convenient space.
  • Reasonable price: Compared with cloth and paper packaging that costs from 5000 VND, the price of a pp bag that can hold the same product weight is only less than 1000 VND. If it is a large enterprise that needs to consume a lot of packaging, using pp plastic packaging will be appropriate and bring more profits.

Material of PP packaging

It is known that pp packaging is a product made from pp plastic particles, the full name is Polypropylene – a polymer that is the product of the polymerization of Propylene,… Plastic beads have high mechanical strength (tear strength). and tensile strength), quite strong, not flexible like PE, not stretched due to being made into yarn.

Application of PP . packaging

  • Considered as a protective packaging layer to protect products against water and moisture, to isolate the product inside the pp plastic packaging from the outside environment.
  • PP plastic packaging meets a lot in the commodity industries, consumer packaging and agricultural production. Used in a variety of products such as fertilizer packaging, seed packaging, rice packaging, food packaging, chemical packaging, cement packaging,….
Ứng dụng của bao bì nhựa PP
Application of PP . plastic packaging

Advantages/disadvantages of PP plastic bags

  • Advantages: sturdy, durable, tough, moisture-proof and waterproof, various sizes can be stored with a large amount of products, with high aesthetics…
  • Cons: Because of its durability, it is difficult to decompose, causing harm to the environment

Hung Phat Company produces safe and healthy PP bags

With the modern technology of machinery, equipment and lines of the developing society, it is very easy to produce pp packaging, but the more convenient it is, the more dangerous it is, many packaging production facilities taking advantage of toxic chemicals to produce packages with harmful substances that affect product quality and consumers’ health.
If you are worried about not knowing where to find a packaging production facility that is both quality and safe for your health, Hung Phat Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. will be the absolute choice for you to trust with a scale including: :

  • Equipment and machinery are imported from Thailand and Korea
  • Closed imported modern production line
  • High quality staff with long experience
  • The factory aims to minimize noise and receive certificates of hygiene and safety and meet national standards. Show that Hung Phat always cares about the environment, not only the benefits of businesses and users’ health will be further enhanced.


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