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Where to buy Shrink Film in Ho Chi Minh City Prestige?

Màng có phổ biến trong cuộc sống hiện nay
Membranes are common in today’s life

Shrink film is a commonly used item in today’s life. Therefore, now, where to buy shrink film in Ho Chi Minh City with good reputation and good price, many people are interested.

In today’s article, we will provide you with information about shrink film. At the same time, help you answer the question where to buy shrink film in Ho Chi Minh City?

What is shrink film?

Shrink film is a type of plastic film, thin plastic film with a higher shrinkage rate than ordinary nylon. Shrink film is often used as a wrapping material, wrapping goods and products. Widely used in packaging processing in industries.

Some advantages of shrink film

  • Shrink film becomes a protective layer against dust and water for goods and products
  • Cost savings when using shrink film
  • Products with shrink film coating become more durable
  • Firmly fix the product according to the required number of batches, boxes,…
  • Enhance the company’s brand value more professionally when using shrink film
  • With great elasticity, the product creates convenience in packaging.
  • Easily change the design quickly on the shrink film. Instead of having to print directly on the product body.
  • The shrink film used at the opening position on the bottle also helps to protect the cap more safely
  • There are many types of shrink films. Some popular types like heat shrink film, PE shrink film, PVC, POF.

How many types of shrink film are there today?

There are many different types of shrink films on the market. However, here we introduce to you some of the popular shrink films in the production of product packaging.

các loại màng co trên thị trường hiện nay
Types of shrink film on the market today

a. Shrink film POF

Is a shrink film made from Polyolefin plastic particles. This type of plastic beads has the characteristics of light, thin, flexible, and elastic. In addition, they also have good heat resistance and waterproofing. Their cost is quite reasonable and safe for food. Therefore, they are quite commonly used.

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b. Shrink film PVC

The type is made from Polivinyl Chloride plastic beads. Therefore, the product has the characteristics of thick, hard, and brittle. However, they are poorly waterproof and not safe for food. Therefore, this type of shrink film is only used for packaging.

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c. Shrink film PP

This is a shrink film made from PP plastic beads. This grain has the characteristics of glossy, high heat resistance and good waterproofing. However, they are very easy to tear when scratches appear on the surface.
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d.PET shrink film

The film is made from PET plastic beads. Therefore, they have high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance. It also has good waterproofing properties. And they are also very food safe.

e. Shrink film PC

It is a membrane made from PC plastic particles. That’s why they are so durable; has high heat resistance; good waterproof. This is a type of film that can be used for food, but the cost is relatively high, so it is less popular.

f. Shrink film PE

This type of film is made from PE plastic beads. It has the characteristics of being quite soft, thin, and quite elastic. They are also good waterproof but not gas-proof, so they are easy to inflate when in contact with essential oils.

Where to buy shrink film in HCM City?

Công ty Bao bì Hưng Phát
Where to buy shrink film in HCMC?

 Hung Phat Company provides quality shrink film with committed criteria

  • Fast completion progress, commitment to always complete the schedule with customers
  • Production capacity: 50 – 60 tons/month
  • Modern investment machinery system, ensuring product quality for customers
  • Guaranteed suitable and cost-effective prices

In addition, Hung Phat Plastic Packaging Company is also known for the following advantages:

  • Design free packaging samples: Consulting, designing according to customer’s requirements.
  • Free delivery: Applicable to all orders located in HCM, Long An.
  • Refund, exchange and return policy: Refund, return goods when unsatisfactory.
  • Standard certification: Food safety certification – Environmentally friendly certification – ISO 9001:2015
  • Diversified products: Producing complex packaging, eco-friendly biological packaging
  • Meeting the schedule: Hung Phat is always committed to ensuring on-time production for all customer projects
  • Top quality: Hung Phat is committed to bringing standard values and maximum success to each project.
  • Expert in the field of packaging: With more than 6 years of experience in the market with many large projects and customers.
Call us as soon as you have questions about the company or want to consult more about the product
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