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Shrink film packaging produced by Hung Phat is trusted by many customers, and always improves professionalism.
Includes 3 types: PVC shrink film, PE shrink film, POF shrink film. In addition, we also print the product name, logo on the plastic film, making the product more beautiful.
As a kind of plastic film, plastic film, this product has been widely used and gradually becomes an indispensable part.
Shrink film becomes a protective layer against dust, waterproof for goods, no additives, no toxic substances, lightweight, cost-effective.
Hung Phat Company is a supplier of quality shrink film packaging. Therefore, if you have a need, don’t forget to connect with us today. We are committed to bringing good products with competitive prices in the market.
Call us as soon as you are wondering and wondering how to choose products to reduce input costs:
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