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Distinguishing the Meanings of Food Packaging Symbols

Every time you buy and use food packages, you often see food packaging symbols that you don’t understand what they mean. So take a look at our article below to decipher what those symbols mean.

Some common food packaging symbols on the market

The food packaging symbols you often see are grouped into the following five categories:
– Numeric symbols: 3, 4, 8 and 9.
– Symbols with
– Symbols with colored circles
– Color boxes on cosmetic tubes
– Number floating on the bottom of the bottle

Meaning of food packaging symbols

Symbols for food packaging with numbers

The number on the sticker has two meanings: making it easy for employees to look up the code to pay for customers and two, the starting numbers also have the meaning of distinguishing between quality organic fruits and used ones. processed or not. So when buying fruits, if the stamps start with these numbers, you should consider before buying:
– Number 3: Fruits are treated with ionizing radiation – helping to preserve food for a long time.
– Number 4: Fruits are grown in agriculture, the dose of fertilizers and pesticides is just enough, does not greatly affect the health of users.
– Number 8: Genetically modified fruit.
– No. 9: Organic fruits are grown according to strict standards and have organic certificates.

Symbolize food packaging with the symbol

– Thermometer: Notifies food that needs to be stored at the appropriate temperature.
– Broken glass: Fragile goods, need to be gentle and careful when moving.
– 2 arrows pointing up: usually printed on cartons, attention should be paid to the top and bottom to avoid damage to the contents.
– Umbrella: the product should not get wet or avoid places with high humidity.
– Trash bin: reminding people to throw their trash in the right place.
– Product shelf life: usually printed on cosmetics, notifying that it is used properly or damaged without causing harm.
-Inverted triangle with exclamation mark inside: warning this food may cause an allergic reaction.

Symbols with colored circles

Often appear on snack bags to add color to the product beautifully.

Symbols of colored boxes on cosmetic tubes

The purpose of this color marking is to implicitly reveal the source of the ingredients that make it up:
– Green: natural ingredients
– Blue: includes 2 ingredients: natural and some pharmaceuticals
– Red: Chemical accounts for 90%, natural accounts for 10%
– Black: 100% made of chemicals
Ký hiệu bao bì thực phẩm
Food packaging symbols
Numeric symbol floating on the bottom of the bottle
– No. 1 (PETE): can be recycled but must be washed.
– No. 2 (HDPE): recyclable
– Number 3 (V): very toxic, cannot be recycled
– Number 4 (LDPE): recyclable
– No. 5 (PP): can be recycled
– Number 6 (PS): very toxic, cannot be recycled
– Number 7 (OTHER): not recyclable

Above are some of the most common food packaging symbols today and their meanings. Hopefully with the information we have just shared, you will have the right food packaging options that are safe for the health of you and your family.


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