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Good Price OPP Bags In Ho Chi Minh City

OPP bags are considered a high-class packaging line and are commonly used in today’s production activities. There are three main types of bags: OPP bags, step hole bags, and pearl film bags. Mouth-watering bags are the most popular and commonly used bags for storing food, dry products, etc. However, to find out what OPP bags are? What are its outstanding uses? Those issues you can refer to in this article!

What is Opp Mouth Sealing Bag?

Túi OPP dán miệng chắc chắc và bền
The OPP bag is strong and durable

This is a type of OPP bag made of 2 layers of PP film, so it is strong and thick. In addition, OPP glue bags also have an extra thin layer of glue but still meet the requirements for adhesion on the top of the bag (bag cover). After applying the glue, the bag will be sealed. Products are stored away from dirt, bacteria and other agents.

Outstanding advantages of Glue OPP bags

Chọn mua túi OPP dán miệng tại Bao bì nhựa Hưng Phát
Choose to buy OPP bags with mouth seals at Hung Phat Plastic Packaging
  • Compared with other types of packaging, this type of bag has the advantage of being transparent, has a glossy surface and can be scratch-resistant and has high mechanical strength.
  • Glue bag is made of 2 layers of film, so it is difficult to tear, has good air permeability and waterproof latch.
  • This is a completely non-toxic bag, so it is very safe to use in preserving medical products, food, garments…
  • In particular, this product is cheap compared to other bags of the same use. Therefore, it is suitable for packing special products and goods such as food, medical and many other essential items.

Applications of OPP bags in production

From the above outstanding advantages compared to other bags, glue OPP bags are increasingly popular in production. Currently, in many different manufacturing industries, OPP bags are used effectively.

  • Packing goods: OPP bags with glue used to pack candy, toys, dry food,…
  • Medical use: Used to preserve and pack herbs, drugs and medical supplies, ..
  • Used in garment: The bag is used to store clothes, blankets, pillows, ….
  • Used in stationery to pack books, rulers,…
  • Glue OPP bags are also used in other industries such as animal feed, fertilizer,….

Address to supply reputable glue OPP bags

Công ty sản xuất và in ấn bao bì nhựa các loại – bao bì nhựa Hưng Phát
Production and printing company of all kinds of plastic packaging – Hung Phat plastic packaging

Hung Phat Company provides OPP bags with quality assurance with commitment criteria

  • Fast completion progress, commitment to always complete the schedule with customers
  • Production capacity: 50 – 60 tons/month
  • Modern investment machinery system, ensuring product quality for customers
  • Guaranteed suitable and cost-effective prices

In addition, Hung Phat Plastic Packaging Company is also known for the following advantages:

  • Design free packaging samples: Consulting, designing according to customer’s requirements.
  • Free delivery: Applicable to all orders located in HCM, Long An.
  • Refund, exchange and return policy: Refund, return goods when unsatisfactory.
  • Standard certification: Food safety certification – Environmentally friendly certification – ISO 9001:2015
  • Diversified products: Producing complex packaging, eco-friendly biological packaging
  • Meeting the schedule: Hung Phat is always committed to ensuring on-time production for all customer projects
  • Top quality: Hung Phat is committed to bringing standard values and maximum success to each project.
  • Expert in the field of packaging: With more than 6 years of experience in the market with many large projects and customers.
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