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Learn About Food Packaging Plastics

What is food packaging plastic? And what is so special about the properties of food packaging plastics? Does it affect health? Let’s find the answer through this article.

What is plastic?

Plastics are a large family with a wide variety of properties with different properties. Some plastics are as hard as steel, some are as soft as rubber, and there are porous plastics like sponges. Even with the same compound, the molecule has both hard, soft, and porous forms.
According to the degree of heat effect of plastics, people divide plastics into two large categories. Thermosetting thermoplastics: Molecules of rigid thermoplastic compounds have a stereoscopic molecular lattice structure, thus possessing the properties of solid bodies. The other type of plastic is thermoplastic. Under the action of heat, these plastics will soften, if cooled, they will harden.

Food packaging plastic

Foods such as candy, cake, fruit… are often packed in plastic packaging. Through the glossy transparent film of the packaging, the food looks fresh and attractive, completely isolates bacteria, and ensures purity. Food is also very well preserved, keeping a certain amount of water, not letting it dry out. Preserve food fresher when exposed to the environment

Food packaging plastics are safe for health?

Using plastic as food packaging does not affect surrounding objects, does not break, and is very convenient to carry around. But there are also people who say: Using plastic for food packaging is convenient, but it is only afraid of being poisoned and affecting health. Is that really the case?

Bao bì thực phẩm an toàn sức khỏe
Food packaging safe and healthy

Generally, plastics used in food packaging are not toxic, as food packaging plastics are usually made of non-toxic polyethylene or nylon. When making polyethylene in a closed process, no contamination of other substances is allowed. As a result, the packaging is light, soft, highly resistant to the influence of air, water and chemicals, without the need for harmful stabilizers and plasticizers. Therefore, using the plastic type of food packaging will be safe and non-toxic.

In addition to polyethylene or nylon, whether the use of other plastics for packaging is toxic or not requires further analysis. Take for example the case of taking polyclovinyl for food packaging. In the polyclovinyl film there are plasticizers and the residual clovinyl, which are toxic. Besides, there are polyphenylene resins in which there are residual phenyl ethylene molecules. In addition, with formic aldehydes as the basis for making plastics, when in contact with water, water-based substances, and oils, even at normal temperature, formic aldehydes will dissolve into water and oil. get into food, so it is harmful to health.
From that, it can be seen that only polyethylene or nylon can be used as non-toxic food packaging, and other types of plastic cannot be used for food packaging.
Above is some information about the plastic of food packaging, through this article hope you can make an informed choice when choosing food packaging. If you have any questions about packaging or want to contact to order, please visit  website for the fastest advice and support.


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